This course provides an overview of information to create an understanding of work-based learning in Career and Technical Education.

The natural gas technician course is designed to engage education and business at the secondary level in sustainable partnership. An increase in qualified candidates entering the utility industry is an outcome which benefits education, industry and workforce development.

  • Moodle is the delivery model for this course.
  • MEA EnergyU developed the natural gas technician curriculum in partnership with the natural gas utility industry.
  • MEA and the utility industry provides access to subject matter experts, curriculum review, and logistics support.
  • Consumers Energy, as the sponsoring partner of the utility industry provides site license access for student learners.
  • Oakland Schools CFE, as the sponsoring education partner provides trained instructors, access to necessary technology, student support and interested student learners.

Benefit to industry: An increased pool of candidates ready to compete for a career in the natural gas industry.

Benefit to student: Attainment of necessary knowledge and skill in preparation to compete for a high-wage, high-demand career in the natural gas industry.