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The following courses are designed for self guided asynchronous learning.  Quick start guides and videos on any topic can be found on the Staff Technology Training Moodle course.  Please email for an enrollment key.

The course titled State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) provides resources for obtaining SCECHs to renew your Teaching Certificate.  


When you live in a house for years, it is normal to collect junk in your basement.  This course will show you how to clean out the junk from your digital life.  We will talk about cleaning out your Outlook account and H: drive/Google Drive.

If you keep getting those messages warning you that Your mailbox is almost full, this course is for you!

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software program, powerful data visualization and analysis tool. Throughout Excel Beginner, users will learn how to perform various operations to help them become more comfortable using the tool. 

GoGuardian is a Chrome Browser management software solution.  Teachers are able to monitor what is on the student screen to ensure they are staying focused and engaged.  Teachers have the ability to provide feedback in order to increase communication and collaboration within the classroom.   

Google offers a variety of different online applications through their Workspace that help boost collaboration and productivity for both students and teachers. In this training course, we will review basic functionalities of all of the core applications and provide examples of how to utilize them. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom and Forms will all be reviewed. We will also review the functionality of Google Drive and how users can use this to store and share documents in the cloud.

Are you new to Rochester Community Schools?  Do you need a refresher on what settings you chose when you first started with the district?  Utilize the videos and/or quick start guides within this course to make sure your initial setups with the district are complete.

Resources for obtaining State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH)

Learn the requirements and the steps needed to renew your Professional Teaching Certificate with the state.