Welcome to 7th Grade language Arts.

Welcome to 8th grade language arts.

8th Grade Language Arts: Prepares students for academic writing as required in 9th Grade English.This preparation involves learning the steps necessary for drafting, revising, and producing original documents.The course is broadly organized around three sections: invention, analysis, and persuasion.In this class we will emphasize the relationship between reading, writing, and critical thinking while exploring various texts.We will rely on previously written texts to learn how to collect, interpret, and disseminate information through newly produced texts.

The major goals of 8th Grade Language Arts are to teach students:

  1. Content/Specialized Vocabulary, grammar, text features and structures, understanding, previewing text, activating background knowledge, questioning, note organizing and retrieving information. (Non-fiction)
  2. Reading/literary analysis, writing/word study, communication/research. (Fiction)