The disciplined study of history and geography is vital and essential for citizens in a democratic society such as the United States. History and geography help us understand the origins, development, growth and challenges of our institutions and our culture. These disciplines help to locate ourselves in both time and space and thus help us think about who we are and about our possible futures. The study of history and geography of the United States prepares us to take up the challenges of life in contemporary society by helping us see the common and diverse strands that formed and continue to shape our present life while developing the habits of mind essential for democratic citizenship.

The study of history and geography is well worth our efforts because it is so vital. Learning about our nation and its place in the world is essential for every individual. Understanding the world’s peoples, cultures, and societies and the story of our past is no longer a luxury but a necessity for Americans in the 21st century. As citizens, our students need the best understanding of the world and its past we can give them. A disciplined study of world history and geography promotes exactly the type of reasoned thought our students deserve and democratic societies so desperately need.