1. Grab a sheet of white paper. Create a visual that gets my attention and lets me know what the four most important things in the world are.

2. Once done with the visuals, grab a half sheet of paper and answer the following questions:

A) Tell me a story of an individual, whether personal, or a public figure that redeemed themselves. How did they do achieve this redemption?

B) What was the biggest turning point in your life thus far? How did it affect you as a person?

C) When you make a mistake toward another individual, how do you show those that you wronged that you are sorry?

D) In order to maintain control of a people, is it better that they love you or fear you? Why do you feel this way?

I will now attach the history to these questions I asked.

3) Play video clips from PBS link on Moodle site and take notes

4) Create a venn diagram and compare the Maurya to the Gupta Empires.



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