MC 3 Unit IV, Topic 2:  Industrial Revolution Project

For this topic, you will utilize technology and focus on the Industrial Revolution as a global phenomenon by investigating large global patterns and comparing the causes, processes and effects of industrialization in several nations around the world. All nine of these issues relate to the Industrial Revolution and it is your job to prove this assertion. 

You will create a PowerPoint that answers these 9 questions using at least one primary source for each. Your last slide will contain your citations in MLA form. I would suggest cutting and pasting sources as you research on one word document and then paste it at the end. If you need help with citations use the Knight Cite citation tool at This is due Monday, January 19 via an email attachment to .

Use the following Title: "MC3 Unit IV: Industrialism"

1. What are the differences between capitalism and communism? What role did capitalism play in the growth and fueling of the Industrial Revolution?

2. Explain the two concepts of interchangeable parts and economies of scale. How were these vital to the Industrial Revolution? Provide two examples. 

3. What is the history of labor unions in the United States? How did they usher in the era of the working class? What is happening to the working class in America today?

4. What happened to the world population between 1750-1945? How did industrialism contribute to this change?

5. One consequence of industrialism was mechanized warfare. How many people were killed in the 20th century? What weapons contributed to this unprecedented killing? 

6. Using the United States as a case study, what groups of people migrated to the United States from other places in the world during the Industrial Revolution? (1750-1945) Why was this diversity a strength to our economic growth?

7. The Industrial Revolution was one of several revolutions that ended the era of absolutism and feudalism. In theory, the Industrial Revolution ended the hardships of such regimes. Describe what it was like working in a factory and living in an urban slum. Was it all that different for poor and unskilled people than the days of peasantry? 

8. The Industrial Revolution was born in England but soon spread all over the world. In particular, it took over Russia, Japan, the United States, Germany, and France, in addition to Britain. However they all shared some commonalities. Please show how the Industrial Revolution affected the following:

A. Impact on Women and Children.
B. Impact on people of color.
C. Environmental impacts.
D. Social problems caused by urbanization.
E. Detroit, Michigan

9.  Analyze the political, economic, and social transformations in East Asia by explaining key events in the modernization of Japan (Meiji Restoration) and the impact of the Russo-Japanese War. Also describe key events in the decline of Qing China, including the Opium Wars and the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions.

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