This exam corresponds with one portion of the triangle on the MC3 Unit IV sheet. It will be a combination of multiple choice and essay questions regarding nationalism and revolutions.

Multiple choice practice:

Log on to, where I am getting my multiple choice questions

Type in the following practice exams:

naa-1851, naa-2511, naa-1731

There is also a Kahoot quiz that contains these. Go to and type in, "political revolutions" into the public search and it will come up.

Review the map on democracy and be able to tell the story like we did in class.

Review the dates from the U.S. History class

Final questions will come from the Unit IV Concepts that were learned via the Frayer Squares.

As for the essay, the main essay will entail you explaining how nationalism is created with descriptions of each aspect.

You will be given a one-page "cheat sheet" on regular-sized paper to help you
on the examination.
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