Part IV:  “The Modern Era”: 1750-now-Day 5 (Pages 58-105)

1.  What do you think constitutes, “modern”? (Page 59)
2.  What are major features and trends of the modern era?
3.  What are the ramifications of such population growth during this time?
4.  What has the modern era done to governmental systems?
5.  Why has the gap widened between rich and poor?
6.  What were the root causes of the modern revolution?
7.  How did Europe become the hub of the modern world?
8.  Describe the three waves of the Industrial Revolution
9.  What were the residual effects of the Industrial Revolution
10. How did what happened to England at the end of the Industrial Revolution compare to America today?
11.  What happened between 1914 and 1945 that caused a global crisis?
12.  What is mass consumerism and what effect did it have on history?
13.  What were some the key events in modern media history? (page 82)
14.  What were the key events that transpired from 1945 to the present?
15.  What did Christian mean by, “Coca-Cola Culture”? What examples did he give to reinforce this concept?
16.  Give a summary of important  main ideas found on pages 97-105

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