Extra Credit Reading for World History:


1.  I must see you possess the book with you for an appropriate length of time. Choose one that fits your interests.

2.  You discuss with me the book as you go, so I know you are not just reciting an internet synopsis or note service. As a former weasel, I am pretty good at detecting other weasels. 

3. You create an ORIGINAL paper, using the rubric on the link beneath this one. In other words, I want cutting and pasting to be at a bare minimum.

Book options:

1. The Epic of Gilgamesh (Oldest piece of literature in recorded history)
2. The Egyptian Book of the Dead (Ancient Egypt)
3. The Art of War, Sun Tzu (Ancient China and my personal favorite) 355 TZU
4. Iliad, Homer (Ancient Greek Epic) 883 HOM
5. Siddhartha, Herman Hesse (Buddhism) 883.HES
6. Beowulf (Oldest composition done in the English language) 829.3 HEN
7. The Decameron, Boccaccio (Bubonic Plague)
8. The Inferno, Dante Alighieri (Renaissance) 851.DAN
9. The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli (Renaissance/Government) 320.01 MAC
10. Candide, Voltaire (Age of Reason)
11. The Anatomy of Revolution, Crane Brinton (Age of Reason)
12. Heart of Darkness, Josef Konrad (Imperialism) 823.91 CON
13. White Man’s Burden, Rudyard Kipling (Imperialism)
14. Roots, Alex Haley (Slavery/African-American experience) 929.2 HAL
15. Citizens, Simon Schama (French Revolution)
16. Bloody White Baron, James Palmer (Russian Revolution)
17. Unbroken, Laura Hilledebrand (World War II Survival Story) 940.54
18. Red Scarf Girl, Ji-Li Jiang (China during Revolution)
19. Lies My Teacher Told Me, James Loewen (General History) 973 LOE
20. Lies Across America, James Loewen (General History)
21. Teaching What Really Happened, James Loewen (General History) 363.5 LOE
22. People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn (General History)
23. Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith (Capitalism)
24. Bhagavad Gītā (Hinduism)
25. The Analects of Confucius (Confucianism)
26. Now They Call Me Infidel, Noni Darwish (Israel/Palestine)
27. Drink, Iain Gaitley (Role alcohol played in world history)

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