The U.S. in the Post-Cold War World

1.  Persian Gulf War

What actions were taken by Iraq in 1990 to prompt the United States to begin the Persian Gulf War?  How long did the war last?  What were the results of the war?

2.  U.S./NATO Peacekeeping in Bosnia and Kosovo (Textbook Pages 904-905)

What military actions did the U.S./NATO take in Bosnia and and Kosovo?  What did these conflicts have in common?  What was the result of U.S./NATO action in each case? (Read the section on Yugoslavia on pages 904-905 to find information)

3. 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

What were the 9/11 attacks?  Who was responsible for them?  What buildings in New York City and Washington D.C. were hit by the hijacked planes?  What actions were taken aboard United Airlines Flight 93 to prevent it from reaching its intended target?

4.  Operation Enduring Freedom

What was Operation Enduring Freedom?  In what countries did the U.S. send forces?  What group and its leader were the targets of OEF?

5.  The Patriot Act

What is the Patriot Act?  When was it signed into law?  What is the intent and purpose of the act?  What concerns do some Americans have about the act?

6.  Office of Homeland Security

What is the Office of Homeland Security?  When was it created?  What is the purpose of the Office of Homeland Security?

7.  War in Iraq

What reasons were given for going to war in Iraq in 2003?  Who was the leader of Iraq at that time?  What were the results of the war and what happened to Iraq's leader?