Investigate a Culture Project

You are to investigate the culture of the country of your choosing (It cannot be from North America or Europe).  This project will count as an assessment grade of 35 points (25 pts for the powerpoint/prezi and 10 pts for your presentation).



  1. People: What races/ethnicities exist in your nation? Include population data.

  2. Family: What is the basic family structure?  What does the average family look like?

  3. Language: Do all people speak the same language?  If not, is one dominant?

  4. Folkways and mores: What unwritten rules of behavior are present?  What are the customs and traditions?

Additional (Pick at least 3)

  1. Education: What is the educational system like?  Does everyone get equal access?

  2. Political System: What type of government has been established?

  3. Sports: What sports are popular?  What influence do they have on society?

  4. Science and Technology: How technologically advanced is the nation under study?  How are S and T used for things such as health care, infrastructure and environmental concerns.

  5. Art, literature and music: How are these expressed in the country under study?  What role do they play?  What does it look like/sound like? (include pictures or sound bytes if possible)

  6. Religion and holidays: What is the major religion?  Are there multiple?  An official religion?  What are the major religious an non-religious holidays in the country under study?

  7. Other: Anything else you can think of.

You may find it useful to use the following websites: CIA World FactbookCountries and their Cultures, Constitution Project.