Maps of War: The Course of Fighting in WWI

Using the website Maps of War, you will watch the animation showing you the course of fighting in Western Europe during WWI (The Great War).  As you are watching the animation, answer the questions below.  To do so, copy the questions into a Microsoft Word document and type your responses.

1.  What was the Schlieffen Plan?  What was the aim (goal) of the plan?

2.  The German Advance:  Did the Germans come close to capturing Paris in the early weeks of the war?  Along what river did Britain and France finally stop the German advance?

3.  The Race to the Sea:  What do you think it meant by "both sides tried to outflank the other?"  Why would outflanking your enemy be of strategic importance in war? (Make an educated guess)

4.  Using what you saw in the animation and read about in your book, what role did trench warfare play in causing WWI to be a stalemate for the early years of fighting? (Textbook page 417)

5.  The Battle of Verdun: Why did Germany launch the Verdun Offensive?  What problem were they trying to solve?

6.  The Battle of Verdun Continued:  Was Germany victorious at Verdun or were they forced to retreat?  How many casualties did both the French and Germans suffer?

7.  The Battle of the Somme:  Why did the French and British launch the Battle of the Somme?

8.  The Battle of the Somme Continued:  Were the French and British successful at the Battle of the Somme?  Why or why not?

9.  Extra Credit:  What famous person fought and was wounded at the Battle of the Somme?