Social Issues of the Progressive Era Powerpoint Project

You are to create a PowerPoint that explains the social issues Progressives were concerned about and the actions they took to make improvements in society.  Your ppt will focus on three areas: Public Health/Sanitation, Child Labor and Economics Conditions (Trusts/Monopolies).

For each category, you will create three slides.  The first slide will introduce the problem.  The next two slides will discuss the actions that were taken by Progressives to bring about reform regarding the topic and will evaluate their success or failure.  To do so, you will talk about the important people, events, laws and organizations that worked to make a positive contribution to society.

A minimum of one picture per slide is required. 

To be clear, your PPT will consist of 10 slides total:

1 Cover Slide

3 Slides on Food Quality and Sanitation

3 Slides on Child Labor

3 Slides on Trusts/Economic Conditions