Topic Name Description
URL Math Hidden Key to World TedX 4 thirds starts at 7 min
URL Ted Geometry Videos
URL Augmented Reality Sandbox with water flow
URL WIRED: Overview of VR and AR
URL Product Development Process - Oculus Touch
Extra Credit Possibilities File Extra Credit Cone Project - 5 Levels

Differentiated Cone Activity; Radius, Surface Area, Volume, Trigonometry

Ch 1: Geometry Basics: Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles File Geometry Worksheets 1.1
File Geometry Worksheets 1.2
Chapter 2: Logic, Reasoning, and Proofs URL Video: Intro to Geometric Proofs
URL Desmos Intro Proofs - Drag the Dots!
URL IXL - Angle Proofs
URL Prove It! Online drag-and-drop proofs
URL Practice Proofs - CK-12
Chapter 3 - Parallels, Perpendiculars, and Transversals URL Angles on Transversals - Practice from Regents Prep
URL Transversal interactive demo with angles - MathOpenRef
URL IXL - Identify Angle Pairs on Transversals
File Parallel Lines and Transversals - Kuta Software
File Parallel Lines and Transversals WS with algebra - Kuta Software
URL Geogebra - View Angles in Parallel lines and Transversals

Move points, notice that labeled angles (alternate interior, etc.) maintain relationships.

URL Geogebra - Parallel lines and Transversal Angle Relationships

Excellent - click boxes to choose which sets of angles to see.  Be sure to check 2nd page.

URL IXL - Transversal Angle Algebra
File What were they really trying to say- Parallelogram
File 3.1 WS Parallel, Perpendicular, Transversal
File 3.2 Practice A,B Angles with Transversals shorter
File Geometry 3.3 Practice A-B Parallel Lines with Algebra DAL
File Transversals Practice 1 Label Every Angle
File City Design Project
URL Slope from Two Points: Practice (with Answers!)
File Geogebra - Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Angles
File Parallel Lines - Slope and Equation Review
File Perpendicular Lines - Slope and Equation Review
File Parallel and Perpendicular Lines - miniQuiz
File Desmos Graphing Project Shed with Window
File Extra Practice WS Slope and Equations Parallel Perpendicular Lines
Ch 4 - Transformations URL MathOpenRef - Reflection, Rotation, Translation, Dilation
Definitions and Interactive Demonstrations
URL Dilate the Reindeer! Note larger than 1, less than 1, and negative.
URL Rotational and Reflectional Symmetry of 17 images

For each image (k=0 to k=16) find out how many rotational and reflectional symmetries it has.  Also, check to see how many degrees you need to rotate an image before it overlaps with the original.

URL Geogebra - Multiple Transformations of Original Shape

Experiment with this page. Use the arrow tool and drag points to see what happens.  

Try to make your own page from scratch to make a design that includes rotations, reflections, and vector translations.

File Translation and Reflection of Geometric Shape
URL Geogebra - Rotations with Coordinates
URL Game! Transform the shape to fit in Gateway.
File Dual Transformation Open-Ended Worksheet
File Translation Rotation Reflection WS - with Answers
URL Kuta WS: All Transformations (Reflection, Rotation, Translation)
File Extra Credit Assignment - Coordinate Transformations
Folder Chapter 4 Practice Test - No Multiple Choice
URL Links to IXL tutorials for All Topics, plus Transformation videos!
Ch 8: Similar Shapes, Ratios, Proportions File Similar Polygons - Distorted Flags and Pictures
URL Similar Polygons and Scale Factor

Adjust d to change the scale factor.  Drag points on the preimage and note that the image is changed as well.  Use the distance measurement tool to measure the lengths of two corresponding segments on each polygon, and calculate the ratios between various pairs of segment lengths.

File Dilations on Geogebra
URL Area and Volume Ratios: Brightstorm 2 minute Lesson
Ch 11: Arcs, Sectors, Surface Area and Volume File FANTASTIC FORMULA SHEET

Use with care.

File Volumes of Solids Kuta WS
File Rectangular Pyramid Net from Desmos 20x30
File Ch 7 Practice Word Problems Surface Area Volume
File Geometric Net of a Hexagonal Pyramid.svg
File Net Hexagonal Pyramid
File Net Pentagonal Prism
File Net Pentagonal Pyramid
File Net Rhombic Prism
File Cylinder Net 1
File Template Frustum of Cone
File Area and Volume Formula Sheet
Folder Nets of 3-D Figures
Ch 10: Circles, Secants, Chords, and Tangents File 00 Guided notes Circles DAL
File Protractor 360 degree, 2 per page
File Circle Secant Tangent Arc Worksheet DAL
File Chords, Secants, and Tangents - Discover Relationships
File Notes 9.5 Secant Tangent Segments
File Baby Blue Jay - Arcs, Inscribed Angle, Secant Practice
File Blue Jay Word
File Equations of Circles - Why they are what they are
File Desmos Online Circle Graphing Assignment

Multiple levels.  Choose your challenge.

Solids, Polyhedra, and Prisms URL Geometric Solids Interactive - NCTM Illuminations

Awesome.  Can make and print own nets.

URL Isometric Drawing Tool, With Orthographic Views
Build in 3-D, and rotate views
URL 3-D Point Plotter, Rotatable
Rotate with Mouse
URL Graph paper types useful for 3-D