Learn the software that is considered the “business industry standard”. The Microsoft Office 2007 package and Windows XP including Excel spreadsheet and charting, Access database, word processing with Word, desktop publishing with Publisher, creating advanced presentations with PowerPoint, and movie editing with Movie Maker will help the student develop advanced computer skills for personal and business use. Topics include computer terminology and social and ethical issues of computing. Students will be able to organize and manipulate data to accomplish specific business objectives. Students will learn how to create, save, retrieve, manipulate, display, and report information in a variety of applications.

Most college majors require a thorough knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, charting, database, desktop publishing, and electronic presentation software. Experience it with professional business teachers showing you the tips and tricks of the software.

Success in this class will have a direct influence on your success with these applications in high school and college.

Completion of Computer Technology could lead to college advanced placement credit (see Department Chair for more details).

Web Design 1

Fekaris and Passarelli

Students will create sophisticated web pages using HTML hand-coding and Macromedia products, including Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8, and Fireworks 8. Students will learn the fundamental features and functions of the Macromedia products, which are the most powerful Web design tool used in industry today.

Students will build media-rich, interactive websites. The following elements will be explored: image rollovers, animated graphics, shape morphing, Flash movies, slicing, interactive button creation, image maps, and forms and frames. Placement of text, sound, graphical elements and design techniques will also be a focus. Students will use a classroom web server to demonstrate how to post their web sites.

Some students have taken this class and gone on to create professional web pages in a business setting or as entrepreneurs.

School Store

Mrs. Fekaris/Ms. Irby/Ms. Monczka



School Store allows students to expand their marketing knowledge by using their skills within a retail lab setting: The Maple Tree, Seaholm’s student-run school store. Students enrolled in School Store should have a good grasp of selling, promotion, target marketing, and marketing research. Students must be self-motivated and display initiative throughout the semester to be successful in this course.


The following units of study are planned for School Store:

  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  2. Store Procedures
  3. Customer Service
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Store Layout
  6. Promotion
  7. Pricing
  8. Visual Merchandising
  9. Selling
  10. Distribution
  11. Retail Accounting
  12. Risk Management
  13. Marketing Research
  14. Product Planning
  15. Career Skills and Preparation

Students repeating School Store will learn advanced techniques and theories in the planned units of study.


  • Marketing and Sales
  • Advertising
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Merchandising 2 - Fall 2008
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
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