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Here are the major steps of this project:
  1. Write Hypotheses
  2. List draft propsals
  3. Speak with an Expert
  4. Review Your Hypotheses
  5. Research Your Hypothesis
  6. Refine the Hypothesis
  7. Write and Present Policy
  8. Present over Video Conference to other classes, experts and audiences that write the policies in your community.
This should go within the TBAISD section of the server.
This should go within the TBAISD section of the server.
This course is for District Moodle Administrators.
This course is about learning to be a responsible digital citizen. Students apply technology, applications, and Internet resources to learn about how to be safe, ethical, and responsible when they are online - whether they're using a computer or a mobile device to communicate, post to a social networking site, or do research for a class. Appropriate use of technology and the Internet is key!

Middle school and high school students explore the many facets of digital citizenship and online safety. They explore articles and videos and discuss what they are learning in a WebQuest and through research to prepare presentations or public service announcements about C(onsiderate), L(egal), E(thical), A(ppropriate), R(esponsible), and S(afe) behavior online.