Oakland Schools

Teaching Discovering Plate Boundaries

Developed by Michael Gallagher, Oakland Schools

The participant will understand

1. How the activity “Discovering Plate Boundaries” fits into the Oakland Schools Scope curriculum and the role it can play in a unit learning cycle that addresses the topic of Plate Tectonics.
2. The evidence that lead geophysicist to develop the plate tectonic theory.
3. How to resource and implement the activity “Discovering Plate Boundaries” in the classes.
4. The critical role of teacher facilitation of student discourse in this activity.

In this workshop, participants will follow instructions and view in-class videos through four parts and produce a Learning Log with reflections on topics and questions. At the end of the workshop, participants are required to submit their Learning Log for approval, upon which they will receive credit for the workshop.

In addition to producing a “Learning Log” participants will be tracked through the Moodle participation log.