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    Welcome to the Clarenceville School District’s Website.

    Our website holds a great deal of information about our school district, each individual school, our students and staff. Each of our buildings - Clarenceville High School, Clarenceville Middle School, Grandview Elementary and Botsford Elementary, have web pages that describe events and happenings at each respective building. Just click on the building link to visit a specific school site. This will help you stay abreast of school events and programs.

    The Clarenceville School District’s number one goal is to keep “Students First” and reflects the commitment to place students first in improving student achievement, students first in academic excellence, students first in raising high school graduation rates, and students first in preparing our students for postsecondary options. As part of the district’s commitment to increasing academic achievement, improving our accountability and strengthening our responsiveness to the public we serve, I want to encourage everyone--Clarenceville School District employees, members of the public at large, students, parents, teachers and taxpayers--to be involved in our schools. Keeping you informed of what we are doing is an important part of that. As superintendent, I want the district to be as transparent as possible. These are your schools and your children we’re educating and we want you to be fully informed.

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