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    Homework Connection Grade 8 for the week of June 1, 2015






    Science (Dunnabeck-Green)

    read chapter 5 

    section 3. Complete chart for column one. Prepare rough draft of Earthquake safe house.

    read chapter 5 section 4 and Complete chart for column two. Turn in Earthquake safe house rough draft.

    Go to Middle School College NIght at Schoolcraft.

    read chapter 5 section 5. Complete last column of chart. Chart due Thursday. Prepare final copy of blueprint for Thursday.

    Turn in plate boundaries worksheet. 

    Turn in final blue print. 

    Turn in three theories chart.

    Social Studies (Browning)

    Do I Have a Right? iCivics game for 10 points extra credit.

    Due Wednesday.

    Same as Tuesday.

    Review the !2 Angry Men Juror handout and make sure it's completed by Thursday.

    You Mean I've Got Rights reading handout drawing - if not done in class. You've Got Rights worksheet.

    ELA (Stahl)

    Unit  The Argument: Op-ED

    Hmwk:  Bellwork packet due Friday

    Unit The Argument:  Op-ED

    Introduction to Op-Ed


     Unit  The Argument:  Op-Ed

    Comparing Op-Ed and Editorial


     Unit 2:  The Argument:  Op-Ed

    Reverse Outline


    Unit 2: Stand Up, Be Heard

     Vocab quiz

    Bellwork packet due


    ORP due March 11

     Required reading:  Free Choice

    Life Skills 

    Math (Lamarand)  8th 3rd and 
    4th hours

    4th hour only page 119-120 in record and practice journa.

    Math (parkes)


    finish p. 432 #1-32
    Quiz 10.1-10.4
    Finish p. 521 #9-22

    Quiz on 9.1-9.3 tomorrow

    Quiz 9.1-9.3

    Final Exam covers ch. 7, ch. 8, ch. 9 and is on June 9th and 10th