Topic outline

  • Homework Connection Grade 8 for the week of November 30, 2014






    Science (Dunnabeck-Green)

    Pre-writing on Air pollution paragraph. page 32 in journal

    Rough draft writing on Air pollution problem/ solution paragraph

    Final copy of paragraph due. Review for chapter 15 test. 

    Chapter 15 Test

    Weather symbols and reading weather maps

    Social Studies (Browning)

    Limiting government handouts - 2 - due Tuesday.

    Declaration of Independence paragraph rewrite.

    Due tomorrow.

    John Adams HBO mini-series - Pt. 2 - Independence. Contine working on the handout.

    Declaration of Independence Student worksheet.

    Due Friday.

    Finish the Declaration of Independence - 3 Parts worksheet if not completed in class.

    Due Monday.

    ELA (Stahl)

    Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard

    Set ORP goals for 3rd card marking


    Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard


     Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard


     Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard


    Unit 2: Stand Up, Be Heard

    Hmwk:  ORP due Jan 14

     Required reading:  Nonfiction


    Life Skills 

    Math (Lamarand) Special Education 8th

    3rd hour page 44 in record and practice journal

    Chapter 2 test on Thursday


    4th hour no homework

    3rd hour page 48 in record and practice journal

    4th hour page 50 in record and practice journal

    Chapter 2 review for3rd hour only

    chapter 2 test for 3rd hour only

    Math (parkes)

     finish practice 3.1 and 3.2

    Quiz 3.1 and 3.2




    finish p. 114#1-26

    Quiz on 3.1 and 3.2 on Tuesday 



     finish p. 199#1-18

    Quiz 4.3 - parallel and perpendicular lines



     Quiz 4.3 on Tuesday