Topic outline

  • Homework Connection Grade 8 for the week of June 2, 2014






    Science (Green)

    April 14 Read page 100 and 205 to 212. Gather supplies for pancake lab. Know viscosity, silica, and magma types for lab report on Ppril 22nd.

     April 15th, Plate tectonic PRETEST. Begin work on Grid that compares the 3 main scientists for Continental Drift, Sea floor Spreading, and Plate tectonics. (page 136 to 157) Scientist/Claim/Evidence/

    April 16th-Continue reading on underwater volcanic actvity. Map ocean floor of mid ocean ridge.

    April 17th-Check Grid in class and turn mid-ocean ridge profile in. 

    No School

    Social Studies (Browning)

    Finish Open Mind on Life in the Army reading.

    Due Tuesday for 20 points.

    "The North and South in 1860" hanodut 76C-D pie charts.

    Due Wednesday for 20 points.

    Ken Burns' "Civil War: Episode 3" video.

    Finish movie questions on the handout if not done.

    Due Thursday for 31 points.



    ELA (Stahl)

    Workshop 2: Designing the Future

    Workshop 2: Designing the Future


    Workshop 2: Designing the Future


    Workshop 2:  Designing the Future

    Benchmark assessment review packet

     Outside Reading due June 6

     Go over benchmark review packet                  

    Benchmark assessment Monday June 19           

    Life Skills 

    Math (Lamarand) Special Education 8th

    no school

    begin lesson 7.4 approximating square roots on a numberline


    Math (parkes)



     finish p. 390#3-11


    2 way table project in class
    Math (parkes) Algebra

    ch. 10 test

    Final exam on Monday and Tuesday covering ch. 8-10