Topic outline

  • Homework Connection Grade 8 for the week of December 15, 2014






    Science (Dunnabeck-Green)

    CHapter 16 questions page 558 and 566

    Check questions. discuss sections and Section 5 Precipitation

    MAKE HAIL. Lab page 567 Use graduated cylinder and triple beam balance. Study for vocab quiz

    Vocab quiz ch. 15 and 16

    Video on Ice changes due to climate change.

    Social Studies (Browning)

    Finish the Who Rules? worksheet.  Due Tuesday.

    Just Right Government worksheet.

    Due Wednesday.

    Declaration of Independence Song Rewrite.

    Due tomorrow.



    ELA (Stahl)

    Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard

    Talk to the text - informational reading

    Hmwk:  complete 3rd paragraph

    Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard

    Continue Talk to the text - informational reading - summary writing

    Begin pronoun packet

    Hmwk: Pronoun packet

     Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard

    Talk to the text - How does the text say it?

    Review pronouns

    Hmwk: Study for pronouns quiz

     Unit 2:  Stand Up, Be Heard

    Pronouns quiz


    Unit 2: Stand Up, Be Heard

    Catch up day

    Hmwk:  ORP due Jan 14

     Required reading:  Nonfiction


    Life Skills 

    Math (Lamarand) Special Education 8th

    3rd hour only two-sided worksheet finding the interior angle measurement of a polygon

    4th hour only page 133, evens only


    Chapter 3 unit test for 4th hour

    Chapter 3.3 &3.4 quiz for 3rd only


    Math (parkes)










    Finish p. 239#1-22