Topic outline

  • Homework Connection Grade 8 for the week of September 22, 2014






    Science (Dunnabeck-Green)

    Astronomy Unit kick off

    chapter 19 to 21. 

    Set up Science notebook

    Discuss equinox and solstice terms 

    Review for Chapter 1 test. Know classroom safety and procedures . 4 spheres, theory/vs law/scientific method. See page 29

    GO ONLINE BOX page 29 self assessment practice

    Science test chapter 1

     Prep Phases of the Moon Oreo Cookie Lab. Learn the names of the 8 phases and what they look like. Recognize that sun lights up the moon.

    Continue Astronomy

    Do Phases of the Moon lab. 

    8th grade Activity night! 

    Kensington's Astronomy at the Beach! 6:00 to 11:00 PM

    Social Studies (Browning)

    Finish Open Mind on Life in the Army reading.

    Due Tuesday for 20 points.

    "The North and South in 1860" hanodut 76C-D pie charts.

    Due Wednesday for 20 points.

    Ken Burns' "Civil War: Episode 3" video.

    Finish movie questions on the handout if not done.

    Due Thursday for 31 points.



    ELA (Stahl)

    Unit 1 : Notebook Launch

    In notebooks one page about "something" item

    Unit 1:  Notebook Launch

    In notebooks draw house and list 10 events

    Adj/Adv wksh 165/166

    Unit 1:  Notebook Launch

    NWEA testing

     Unit 1:  Notebook Launch

    In notebooks Helen Keller quote and list of memories from strong feelings

    Unit 1:  Notebook Launch

    In notebooks Bob Marley quote and list of memories from hopes and dreams

     Outside Reading due October 8


    Life Skills 

    Math (Lamarand) Special Education 8th

    Homework page 14, #1,3, 6-11, 13

    Due on Thursday 9/25


    Review for quiz

     Quiz solving one and two step equations .1 & 1.2
    Math (parkes)

     Finish the triangle measurements in your journal p. 8

     Practice 1.1



    Quiz in class - 

    solving 1 step and multistep equations (1.1 and 1.2)



    Practice 1.2

    practice 1.3

    p.23#4-18even 19-24